Layla and Walker Puppies Are Here

Whelped March 27, 2020. 5 Boys, 6 Girls. All have ridges.

SIRE: CH Sundown's Tennessee Walker - Walker
DAM: GCH CH Tampo's Layla Of Southridge - Layla

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May 15. 7 weeks old. Posting late today but been a busy day. Puppies took their first trip to the vet for their vet check. They all passed but with social distancing it was a long wait in the back of the van since they can't wait inside. They are so cute trying to cool with their tongues hanging out. It was 81 in Tennessee today.


May 8. 6 weeks old. They are getting so cute. Puppies got their first puppy shots. The puppy pen is right in front of the back door so on nice days the puppies have wondered out on the back deck. We will get some pics once the sun comes out again. Black hair slowing fading and makes some puppies look a little blotchy but that will fade with the black.

Click here to download a MP4 video of puppies May 10th.



May 1. 5 weeks old. They are now on solid food. Mom has given up nursing. She still keeps an eye on them but just too many puppies trying to nurse. Pictures below taking through the week right bottom taken last night.

Click here to download a MP4 video of puppies playing.



April 24. 4 weeks old. Most of the puppies are now 4.5 to 5 pounds. We have one big boy that is 6 pounds. he really likes to eat:). We have added the fake grass potty and they are starting waddle over to use it. Smart puppies.

UPDATE: The Puppies have grown out of the whelping box so they were moved to a play pen Friday evening. 9 of them got into the crate to cuddle, 2 stayed out to play and finally crashed.



April 17. 3 weeks old. Starting to get cute and they are falling over a log on shaky legs. Sorta walking, playing, growling, barking. It's very cute. They all have very nice heads. Got a few head shots. Started on a little bit of rice and milk and in one head shot you can still see the puppy wearing a little. They are getting fun to watch.



April 10. 2 weeks old. Eyes are mostly open. Puppies are gaining with little female at 2 pounds and big male at 3. Still not a lot to see but we do know only 1 male puppy has a mask. 6 puppies black nose like mom. 4 puppies livernose like grandma Heather, 2 boys and 2 girls. Still seeing a lot of black hair but that will fade to wheaten red/wheaten by 8 weeks. Pictures below taken over the week with the top 2 this am.



1 Week. Not much to see yet but they are looking chubby. Eyes still closed and mamma Layla is being great.
Puppies always loose weight the first couple of days but they are gaining weight now and will start growing faster.
Little one is 1.1, then we have 1.3 and the largest 1.6 pounds.


Just Born. Nice size litter of 11 puppies so they are on the small side.
1 at .8 pounds, several .9 pounds and the rest 1 pound.

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