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We breed very rarely. We take extra time and attention with each puppy to make sure they are ready for their new homes and we try to be very careful that each puppy, with its individual personalilty, goes to just the right home.

If you are interested on one of our puppies, we would like to find out more about you and where your new puppy will live so please feel free to contact us.

If you have questions about Rhodesian Ridgebacks, please feel free to contact us at:

  1. Name: Phone:

  2. Enter your email address (please be careful to enter email correcly).

  3. How many hours will this puppy be left alone on an average day?

  4. Where will this dog sleep? In your house or will this be a strickly outdoors dog?

  5. Will this be a working dog, a family pet, or both? If a working dog, please explain?

  6. Have you had a Rhodesian Ridgeback before? If not, would you consider taking your new puppy to obediance training?

  7. Would you prefer and male or female: Male Female Does not matter

  8. Are you looking for a pet or show puppy: Pet Show Not sure

  9. We occasionally have available puppies that are the same quality, but do not have a ridge.
    Would you welcome a ridgeless puppy into your home?

  10. Do you have young children in the house. If so, have you considered that a large,
    very active puppy may jump or run into or over a small child?

  11. Describe your yard: how big, is it fenced?

  12. Ridgebacks need lots of exercise. If you have a small yard, do you have a place where you can take your new puppy so it can get the exercise it needs? Once your puppy reaches full size, will you want to keep up the chore of excersising your dog?

  13. What is the time frame that you are interested in to bring a new ridgeback into your home?

  14. What state to you live in. We are in the Mount Juliet, TN area (just east of Nashville).
    Are you able to drive to our area to pick up your puppy?.

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